My name is Dawn Corner and thank you for visiting my web site.

As a self-taught artist, I love to paint using acrylic on canvas and paper. My paintings are characterized as a deep layering of colors and textures finished with a glossy glaze to draw out the intensity of colors.

One of my favorite subjects is angels. I gravitated to painting angels, thinking of my mom, envisioning that angels are around us. My mom was a true angel. When painting my angels, I start not knowing the outcome, trusting the process, and intuitively letting my angels develop and come into being. Each one matchless and special… mom.

Whether trees, flowers, buildings or animals my paintings are intentionally created from an abstract expressive play with colors, constantly experimenting and changing until the layers and image come into focus. Similar to my angels, I use paint and textures to create my images on canvas in a painterly way.

I live in Marietta, Georgia with my husband and four wonderful children. Can’t forget the dog… his name is Bear and his bark is not quite as intimidating as his name would imply.

Thanks in great part to the loving encouragement of family and friends, my long passion for art and painting truly started to take shape in 2009. With my children growing and a need for “something my own”, I increasingly found the time and confidence to pursue painting on a regular basis.

At first, it started out with a painting here and there, to fill some wall space in our house or to give to family as a gift. And, I’m from a big family, so there was plenty for me to do and a great audience. I would take a picture and put it on Facebook or send it out via e-mail. To my great surprise, I would get calls: “I love that, can you do one for me?” There is no greater satisfaction.

Over time, my tiny 6′ x 9′ art room couldn’t handle the load and my work space slowly engulfed much of the basement.  After (finally) embracing the digital and social networking world with my Art by Dawn Corner web site, I spend most of my time enjoying what I love to do… painting.  Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Again, thank you for visiting and feel free to browse and provide feedback.

God Bless, Dawn

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