Angel Dear

Do you know you have an angel Mom? Yes, we all have an angel to guide us in life.

You just have to ask for guidance.



Just start the painting and see where it will take you.

I love this one 24″ x 36″ mixed media

Here’s 20 of my 30

So the 30 day challenge is complete, it was amazing.  Some lessons I learned along the way…

1. It’s ok to paint ahead of time!

2. It’s ok to miss a day or four when on vacation!

3. It kept me busy in my studio!

4. Need to be more active on my website!

So here is 20 paintings, of 30, it was all the grid would take!

Have a great day!

(c) Dawn Corner 2017

12 of my 30 paintings in 30 days!

For each challenge it’s great do pick a theme, this time I chose animals. I tried to capture the essence of each one and of course

My style is a very loose expressive style. I had so much fun, I will be painting a few more.

Confetti Bunny

Day 3 of September challenge- a little Bunny just for fun!

Little Blue Bird

Here is Day 2, Little Blue Bird, 16″x20″, she is getting ready for her day!

30 paintings in 30 Days

It’s the 30 paintings in 30 day challenge, the rule is there are no rules, just try to get into the studio and paint.

Create a practice of painting every day. Hope you enjoy my paintings!

Day 1, this is a practice in my journal for a larger commission! It is always good to practice the shapes, colors and lines.


I live to paint. I can’t wait to get to my studio and get lost in the process, putting paint on canvas with a palette knife, brushes and other tools. As with every painting I love to sit and visualize what it could be and intuitively let it happen. Victorious was a little girl at first and then transformed into a warrior. Her wings were created using vintage fabric from my mom. I hope you like her!

Xoxo, Dawn


Inspired by the beautiful and elegant Grace Kelly- 

Layers of paint, stencil and charcoal- she first started out as flowers but the more I worked on the canvas a figure wanted to emerge.  I went with my instincts and so happy I did!

24″x36″… question is – Do I add wings? 


Happy Valentine’s Day… a 40″x 40 mixed media heart painted on canvas with the incredible Nat King Cole’s lyrics “LOVE” written in the heart.  A little confetti throughout the painting just brings me joy. ❤️ love to your valentine! 

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